SQL Server Training

Contents1 SQL Server Course Overview1.1 SQL Server┬áTraining Prerequisite1.2 SQL Server┬áTraining Course Objective1.3 SQL Server Course Duration2 SQL Server┬áTraining Course Content2.1 Introduction To DBMS2.2 Introduction To SQL Server2.3 TSQL (Transact-Structured Query Language)2.3.1 Introduction To TSQL2.3.2 Data Manipulation Language2.3.3 Data Query Language (DQL)2.3.4 Built In Functions2.4 Top n Clause2.4.1 Set Operators2.4.2 Joins2.4.3 Sub Queries2.4.4 Indexes2.4.5 Security2.4.6 Views2.4.7 … Continue reading SQL Server Training